Just before the beginning of the current school year, my son's new middle school put up a post on their Facebook page that they were looking for help to paint a mural in the front office. I have long admired the murals I've seen around town and in businesses as we have many muralists in our area with beautiful work all around. 
I jumped at the chance to help out. I figured that not only would this be a way to learn a bit about painting murals from someone who already painted them, but it would also be a good way to get to know a bit about the new administration in the school my son was about to attend. 
Little did I know, the principal wanted a mural to make the office a bit more welcoming,but no design and no one at all lined up already. He had a vague idea, to incorporate their new school logo and some lettering to welcome the "hawks," as that is the school mascot, into the office area. I was the first person to respond and got the "job."
No problem! I can design and paint a mural in the week before school starts right? 
Never mind that my family is out of town for an end of summer trip and I would only have 3 days to get it all done... 
Ya know what? I got it all done! 
With help of course. 
The principal picked up all the paints for me as I was out of town. I sent him the color values and possible choices from the paint stores website and deffered to him and the store employees on the actual colors available and the finish of the paint. The colors in the original design shifted a bit in the actual finished piece based on their choices and I think the shift brightens everything up. I’m thankful that they were able to keep the spirit of the design intact and choose colors that worked well together.
My family patiently waited for me in our hotel room before dinner one night to finish up the design and color palette to send to the principal for  approval and to go buy the paints needed. My son came to help paint the first day with me and helped to outline the entire thing and get started painting the hawk.
The second and final day my son decided painting wasn't his thing and stayed home, but I was joined by another student and she helped paint the rest of it. She was amazing and I couldnt' have finished it without her and despite it not being his "thing" my son was a big help getting everything set up with first day. I had both of the kids sign their names in the bottom corner above my name and under the year. I have removed their names from the images here though for hopefully obvious reasons.
Apparently a lot of people had responded after me to the principal, but none of them actually showed up to paint when given the days and times we would be painting. Oh well! We had a few members of the office staff help paint on the first day as well as the principal. They were all so gracious with their space and time. Let me tell you, school offices are much busier than you might expect those 3 days before school starts up. To have to deal with painting with a parent and students in the main room while they juggle all the last minute things that come up was a lot and they were so kind with it all.
For the design details… I drew the entire design on my iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil in Procreate using photos the principal sent me as a guide. I projected everthing on the wall using my iPhone 14 Pro and our Nebula Mars 2 projector. We traced the entire design and then got to work painting with Sherwin Williams paints and brusheds and supplies from home and Lowe’s.
This whole project was a huge learning experience. Some of it was a bit whirlwind. There was a lot of “trust the process” during the painting. All in all, I'm hooked. I’m excited to do more murals in the future!
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