In 2018 I participated in Lauren Hom's HOMwork Challenge. I had a great time and it really got myself thinking a bit differently about the types of things I was lettering. Here are some of the pieces I did. There are a few others that are scattered throughout my other projects. See if you can figure out which ones were for this challenge too.
Week 21: “Great for you, not for me.” Amy Poehler said this in her book “Yes, Please” and it hit me like a ton of bricks at the exact time I needed to hear it. There is a lot of shaming and judging going on in the world today. I heard this at a time that it resonated so much that I was able to remove myself from both feeling shamed and judged and doing the shaming and judging. Such a simple thought was so freeing. I don’t have a box or mold to fit into. What works in my life, might not work in yours and that’s ok.
Week 8: White Lies you Tell Yourself: I tell myself every morning as I dig through the clean pile for clothes to wear. Folding laundry is my least favorite chore. 
Week 9: My made-up award that I'd totally win if it was real for personal projects. Work always gets top billing and the most attention. I am still working on my daughter's baby blanket -- she is 5...
Spoken or Unspoken House Rule. I always joke about this “house rule” and while my husband doesn’t always find it as funny as I do, he has never said it was wrong.
Week 37 : My twist on a well known acronym. I always want to curl up with a blanket.
Week 38: This is my Dad’s joke. What? Your Dad didn’t make jokes about murder when answering the phone for unknown numbers when you were a kid?
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