At the very beginning the pandemic in 2020, my company closed its doors over the summer and paid us to stay home and safe. During this time we were given projects to work on to keep our knowledge of our products sharp while everyone figured out the next right thing to do during what was a very confusing and chaotic time. 

They didn't give any real parameters as to how we presented the information, just that we were creative and highlighted the best of the products and services we had at that time. We were encouraged to use Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Clips. I chose to add Procreate into the mix and utilized some of these projects as ways to practice lettering and explore new brushes and techniques.

These are some of my favorite "Learn, Create, Share" projects that I worked on during this time:
This infographic and Clips video are all about iCloud and how its designed to work and where "in the cloud" your stuff is and what is taking up storage space and what isn't. I have ben drawing a version of this graphic whenever I explain how iCloud works throughout the ears. As features get updated, the graphic gets updated as well. This version though is accurate as of 2020 when it was drawn and there have been a few adjustments since then. As always, refer to: for the most up to date information about your iCloud account.
There were a few projects that lent themselves to creating flowcharts of different kinds. Some I drew in Procreate and practiced lettering and used new brushes and art styles, others I created in Keynote to allow the user to educate themselves on different options available to them.
Many of the projects called for showing off the best of our current lineup of both products and services, and sometimes 3rd party products we carried as well.
The last grouping of projects wanted to show how our services and products can impact someone's day to day life. Imagining how charatcers from popular, movies, shows, and books might use our ecosystem was a fun way for me to see our technology through someone else's eyes. From planning a weekend getaway to highlighting a simple "day in the life" planner page, our products and services allow people to connect with loved ones, explore new destinations, and keep their memories safe and accessible. 
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