When my kids were little and learning to speak, they had some different pronunciations for words. I loved when their little voices would say these words wrong and never wanted them to learn the proper pronunciation. They both say these words properly now, but I had to commemorate them somehow.
My son used to say "tax-key" instead of "taxi." Not living anywhere that has a lot of taxis, it took a while to find out that he had a different way of saying it. 
My daughter had trouble with many "S" words when he was very little and "strawberry" was no different. "Guh-raw-bedee" varied a bit each time she would say it, but we always knew she was our little strawberry monster and wanted every last one for herself. She now says "strawberry" just fine and they are still her favorite fruit. She loves to sit with me when I draw on my iPad and insisted on adding to the drawing. Her additions to the background can be seen on the right.
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