"I'm the ghost with the most babe!"

I grew up watching and loving Beetlejuice the movie and the animated series. After completeing my Doomed Stretching Portraits, I decided to continue illustrating things I loved in my own style in the same coffin frames. So far I have 4 illustrations that I have made into stickers - Beetlejuice, Lydia in her red wedding dress, Lydia from the "Jump in the Line" scene, and the scary Maitlands after meetingwith their caseworker Juno. I recently completed a 5th illustration of Miss Argentina, the receptionist. She will be the next small batch sticker that I have made.
Did you notice the difference between my "Jump in the Line" Lydia and the sticker version? I had my layer order mixed up when I had the first batch of stickers made, and she is mistakenly behind the stairs. If I get a new batch of those stickers made, it will be with the correct artwork and the current ones will really be limited edition. Let this be a lesson, always proof your work! Don't rush to upload artwork before a sale ends and just hit "submit" like I did. 😉
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