"I love you my flower" is something my grandmother used to say to me, my sister, our cousins, and really anyone she loved. It wasn't an every day, every time you saw her thing, but she said it often enough and I always felt special when she called me her flower. She was my last living grandparent and when she passed away it somehow made growing up and getting older into something more real than graduations, marriages, and having my own children had. She passed away during a time in my life when I had re discovered drawing and lettering for fun and practice and just for me. I worked on the lettering first and then separately on each of the flowers. I kept working on different varieties as they came to me over a few days. I decided to combine the flowers into a background for the lettering at the very end and while it may not feel like a fully cohesive layout and design, I love this l piece for the emotions behind it and the peace it brought me to work on it.
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